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Coming soon in Kok Kloi in Pang Nga

Welcome to KATIAN FARM

A modern farm embracing new & old technologies

Katian Farm is the development of an old family estate. It consists currently of about 25 Rai that was once a rubber plantation. Almost 50% remains as a rubber plantation with about 1,000 producing rubber trees. The rest of the estate is being developed as a modern fruit farm with some 300 trees 65% Durian. 8 varieties of durian are being grown.

The farm is 100% Thai owned that utilizes some modern technologies and the aim is to create a model farm demonstrating diversity as a a way to sustainability.

Durian Trees

Varieties of Durian

Rubber Trees

Rai land

More About KATIAN

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High Value-added products being developed

Experiments are underway to produce high value-added products- fruit, vegetables and aquatic meats for the hospitality trade in Phuket

Katian Farm Location
Location in Phang Nga, very close to Phuket

Katian Farm is located 10 minutes from the Sarasin Bridge just off the Phang Nga City bypass road, on the old highway running through Kok Kloi, opposite the Tung Poe High School, Kok Kloi

Katian Farm Why
Why Katian?

The farm started off being call Rai Ting Tong, but later change to Katian Farm. The Katian geological period dates back 450 million years when rocks started forming before one of the many ice ages. It represents strength and stability

Katian Farm Events
What else is planned?

As the farm develops, besides selling fruit and vegetables at farm prices that you can pick yourself, the farm will offer a retreat for local Thai and Farangs to entertain including
a) lunches, events and weddings
b) excursions to better understand the many edible plants and fruits available in Thailand

Our Farm and Mission

We are incredibly proud of our heritage, and our farm is an old family estate covering approximately 25 Rai. In the past, the land was a rubber plantation, but our mission is to teach visitors the importance of sustainability and protecting our planet.

A blend of old and new.

Our farm still comprises of around 50% rubber trees, but we are developing into a sustainable modern fruit farm. Combining traditional and state-of-the-art technology, we have cultivated 300 fruit trees, 65% of which is durian. We currently grow eight different varieties and intend our farm to be used as a model of farming methods and an example to others.

The importance of diversity

We believe that it is essential to teach fellow farmers the importance of diversity and not relying on one crop. It helps create a steady, more consistent income and lessens the impact of weather and economic conditions on a farm. Through sustainability, we can create a farm that can be passed on to future generations.

Watch a Tree Grow

Watch our trees grow with our monthly updates so you can see our progress and see our farm develop for yourself.

Visit us in 2022 when our infrastructure is complete.

Check Our  Location

Just off the bypass road to Pang Nga City, turn left about 3 km after the road splits at the small police post, back onto the old highway.

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2/1 Moo 12, Kok Kloi, Pang Nga 82110

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