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Khun Phrut known to her friends as Khun Kat or P Kat, as a youngster, was called Miaow for her love of cats. Kat is the first part of the name for the farm, whereas Ian is the first name of her Australian husband hence Kat-Ian or Katian for short.

A modern farm embracing new & old technologies

Almost 5 years ago in 2019 Khun Phrut (Phrut Prateap Na Thalang- whose family is descended from The Heroines of Phuket) inherited 2.5 Rai of her families’ rubber plantation. Over the next 2 years she bought out some of her siblings so that by 2021 she had accumulated 25 rai.  In 2022/3 she added another 10 Rai to get her to 35 Rai which included a joint development with 2 of her sisters.

Initially the idea was to focus on just Durian trees so 300 trees were planted and a well drilled (160 meters) and the trees were irrigated. About 7,000 rubber trees were removed from the property and some diversification was started

After almost 60 years as a rubber plantation, the nutrients were leeched significantly so as a first step the soil was tested to get a more accurate analysis of nutrients, ph and soil life (bacteria and fungi) that was missing The next step was to bring the Ph up to around 6.5

Durian Trees

Varieties of Durian

Rubber Trees

Rai land

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More About KATIAN

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High Value-added products being developed

Experiments are underway to produce high value-added products- fruit, vegetables for the hospitality trade in Phuket

Katian Farm Location
Location in Phang Nga, very close to Phuket

Katian Farm is located 10 minutes from the Sarasin Bridge just off the Phang Nga City bypass road, on the old highway running through Kok Kloi, opposite the Tung Poe High School, Kok Kloi

Katian Farm Why
Why Katian?

The farm started off being call Rai Ting Tong, (Crazy Farm) which is English translation, but later change to Katian Farm. The Katian geological period dates back 450 million years when rocks started forming before one of the many ice ages. It represents strength and stability

Katian Farm Events
What else is planned?

In 2025 as the farm develops, besides selling fruit and vegetables at farm prices that you can pick yourself, the farm will offer a retreat for local Thai and Farangs to entertain including
a) lunches, events and weddings
b) excursions to better understand the many edible plants and fruits available in Thailand

Our Farm and Mission

Experiments in small plots were then started with various vegetables, herbs and fruits- but the key strategy was to use organic methods so hence generate lots of compost on the farm to help reinvigorate the soil.

Key was the local community of metal workers, construction workers, tradesmen and the extended family network.

Calcium, zinc and magnesium are important, so an approach was made to the Intercontinetal Hotel in Phuket to source waste seafood shells especially oysters that were normally thrown to the garbage. These were then taken and ground coarsely which are now feed as grit to the chickens and added to the soil.

A blend of old and new.

Our farm still comprises of around 50% rubber trees, but we are developing into a sustainable modern fruit farm. Combining traditional and state-of-the-art technology, we have cultivated 300 fruit trees, 65% of which is durian. We currently grow eight different varieties and intend our farm to be used as a model of farming methods and an example to others.

The importance of diversity

We believe that it is essential to teach fellow farmers the importance of diversity and not relying on one crop. It helps create a steady, more consistent income and lessens the impact of weather and economic conditions on a farm. Through sustainability, we can create a farm that can be passed on to future generations.

Watch a Tree Grow

Whilst durians will remain a long-term vision of the farm, the need for short term returns led to a more diversified approach so that the farm now has

  • 50 Lemon trees, as well as mango, rambutan, mangosteen, jackfruit and longan
  • 50 Fig trees as well as persimmon and pomegranate
  • 40 Finger Lime bushes
  • 50 Papaya trees
  • 7 types of edible flowers
  • 10 types of chillis and pepper
  • 100 ducks and 90 chickens

Our Partnerships

The Executive Chef of the Intercontinetal Hotel saw the more scientific approach taking place on the farm and saw that Katian Farm could develop as a sustainable Farm for products that his kitchen staff and guests were looking for.

In mid 2024 the farm is gearing up with the help of the Intercontinetal Hotel chef team under Executive Chef Marco to grow 5 types on mushrooms in a new specialty facility and finally create a tourism centre so locals and international guests can visit and enjoy a day back to nature. In this regard signage for all the trees and plants is underway. To host the visit a South African style firepit has been built and close by a grape pavilion will seat guests under an umbrella of 20 grape vines

The Sustainability cycle

The Intercontinetal Hotel is very concerned about its eco practices so it takes food waste and processes seriously. They internally have their own composting machine to process kitchen waste. This is then picked up by the Katian Farm together with waste sea shells. The sea shells are ground into a grit on the farm. These two ingredients are then used by the farm to either enhance nutrients in the soil or help the digestion of the chickens

The Farm then supplies both duck and chicken eggs to The Intercontinetal Hotel as well as fruit, vegetables and edible flowers. Waste from the chicken and ducks gets added to the compost developed by the farm with compost from both the Farm and Hotel added back into the growing areas. This then reduces dramatically the amount of chemicals used on the farm and we reuse waste.

Raised beds are used, bordered by bricks, to focus growing areas and control what is added to facilitate growth.

Visit us now! Our farm is now open for prearranged visits.

Come Visit Us!

Just off the bypass road to Pang Nga City, turn left after the small police post on the new by-pass road to Pang Nga City which is about 4 km after the road splitting to Khao Lak on the southern side of Khok Kloi. The farm is on the old Highway 4 into Khok Kloi opposite the high school

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Katian Farm, Pang Nga

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